Serial Printer Logger

Serial Printer Logger

Replacement of old dot-matrix printers

Serial Printer Logger is a tool that can replace your old dot-matrix printers and collect data in real time to a binary log file, a PDF or a MS Word electronic document.

This software allows you to save money on paper, consumables and maintenance. This software works in so many ways. It can decode graphics and extract information about a font type and size from a binary data flow, as well as control the codes.

This allows you to reprint documents at a later time or create a backup copy. Serial Printer Logger also allows you to provides you to capture data from printers connected via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet.

To save time, it is capable of logging multiple ports at the same time. It supports ESC/P and ESC/P 2 control codes, except custom characters, and has extended logging features.

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Serial Printer Logger


Serial Printer Logger

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